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CNC Workings

CNC Workings

High efficiency performance on all projects.

Constantly focused on seizing the new opportunities technology has to offer, and in tune with the need to match job order requirements, in 2016 MarmiMar acquired a CNC Robot with 5 interpolated axes, to perform all the special processes often required when working on large façade projects and interior cladding solutions.

This has meant significantly speeding up the entire machining process for each individual project, improving the quality and execution of special processing work, all of which are constantly monitored in this way. In addition to this, the company has expanded their range of products and services by making three-dimensional marble products of all shapes and sizes. The machine is extremely versatile and performs various different types of processing:  milling, contouring and core drilling, low relief 3D surfaces, writing, turning, spiral detailing, 3D scanning.

This new feature in the workshop facility offers endless creative possibilities and applications, from making items and furniture in solid marble, such as tubs and sinks, building fireplaces, bathroom tops and kitchen counters; from sacred furniture (balustrades, pulpits, altars, baptismal fonts, etc.) to architectural components and accessories (capitals, friezes, columns, portals, etc.), design items (lamps, tables, vases, etc.), placing no limits on imagination and creativity. Once a project has been obtained, MarmiMar selects the best stone materials available and takes all the preparatory steps prior to the commencement of processing. All finishes are then  carried out by expert artisans and artists.

Numerical control milling machine