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60_years_003MarmiMar operates in the stone production and processing sector. The business was developed and tenaciously pursued by the Lazzini  Family, with their deep knowledge of marble and the many processing problems associated with it, as well as over 60 years experience.

By adopting targeted business strategies, our company has optimized a completely autonomous and powerful structure, with  the capacity to handle and complete job orders and carefully monitor each processing stage.  

 In line with the new dictates of contemporary architectural style and language, which see marble playing the leading role in new creative scenarios, MarmiMar has, in particular, become specialized in the production of custom cladding and paving products for interior and exterior use, for civil construction and residential building projects.  We specifically manufacture cladding for ventilated façade structures , extensive outdoor and indoor paving, cladding and flooring for bathrooms and kitchens; book-matched cladding and flooring, paving for stairways, cladding for walls of all sizes and architectural structures of any type, even the most daring.


With the help of increasingly advanced and innovative techniques, our company has developed a production process aimed at providing architecture firms with substantial guarantees on projects, harmonizing the strictly technical and economic aspects with those related to the purely aesthetic expression of architectural works.

Our company’s operational structure provides the project designer with valuable support during all stages of project completion, from selection and supply of materials through to production, following agreed upon guidelines and continuing with  pre-installation for visual inspection, up to the delivery of finished product for final installation, consistently demonstrating commitment to efficiency, punctuality and quality.


The physical structure of our company is spread over a total area of ​​15,000 square meters,  comprising production areas and office facilities. The site includes a large covered area that houses our stone processing facility, a stockyard for finished product and a storage facility  for  raw materials. It also includes machinery and equipment for all stages of production: an overhead crane for handling and stockpiling material, machines for block cutting and squaring; slab-cutting saws, cutters for strips and steps, bridge saws for cutting slabs and a complete line of finishing and polishing machinery.  Thanks to the operational efficiency of our company,  production capacity for finished product is estimated to be over 20,000 sqm per month.

To improve production in terms of speed and cost optimization, we have recently added new slab cutting machinery to our facility to handle large-scale production, favouring quick turnaround times  and  the fast completion of urgent jobs with tight deadlines,  all the while maintaining guaranteed standards of quality.


Solid know how and diversified expertise gained in 50 years of activity, guarantees high levels of competence and professionalism when handling even the most demanding and unusual orders.
Our operational structure, combined with optimized working methods and procedures, single us out as providers of valuable support to architectural firms and designers of prestigious projects.


Our approach is based on the concept of partnership with the customer, in order to build real relationships  embracing proactive collaboration. Structured in such a way as to be completely autonomous, we place traditional processes alongside innovative technologies that allow us to achieve highly efficient levels of performance, both in terms of speed and value for money, demonstrating  a real commitment towards maintaining the highest quality standards.


Our team provides appropriate consultancy to support the customer in the realization of a project,  consistent with its individual requirements, and we coordinate in-house expertise in order to provide a well structured, efficient “turnkey” service. Accurate  pre-service installation guarantees maximum speed, since  component parts are numbered for final installation.


The moment a job order is submitted MarmiMar provides all the necessary advice to finalise the project, from selecting materials to deciding product type and finish.
Thanks to solid partnerships, we can provide engineering services for project design, feasibility and  production costs, project managementand geological land surveying.


Our dedicated staff provide structured technical support for the execution of an order, working synergistically with the client to optimize time and labour costs.
While the order is being processed, the client will be updated on a regular basis and given a progress report,  in the form of a personalized  newsletter, right up to completion and final delivery.


Thoroughness and precision define the special pre-installation services provided by MarmiMar, which are exclusive and guarantee project designers uniformity in the overall results of stone cladding and facing work. In addition, installation times are optimized since  component parts are numbered. The service is also available for projects by other companies.