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High Productivity


Fast turnaround times for urgent job orders

In keeping with its strategy for innovation and improvement of production techniques, MarmiMar recently implemented their large workshop facility with a new, multi-cutting, work center with revolving work bench, allowing for great operational flexibility and the optimization of sophisticated surface cutting. The work cycle, from the loading of slabs to the unloading of finished product, is fully automated thanks to dedicated software and is constantly monitored by a thorough quality control system.


This large, multi-spindle, automatic cutting machine provides faster processing times for job orders and urgent supply orders, and with its extremely accurate cutting precision guarantees a range of constantly high quality results at very competitive prices.


The work center’s prerogatives for speed and optimization , combined with an excellently organized production chain and a special, meticulous pre-installation service, have set MarmiMar apart as the ideal, reliable partner to carry out large architectural projects, for both architects and designers as well as marble companies handling major projects.

Numerical control milling machine