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All stone is unique and comes in many different colours, designs and tonally varied nuances, an indelible imprint left by nature. The use of stone as a cladding and facing material means paying particular attention to the way each component part is placed, in order to avoid end results that may look jumbled or appear aesthetically unsatisfactory, especially when using materials with strong markings.

When all the execution phases of a project have been completed, MarmiMar can offer a unique, thorough pre–installation service. All cladding or facing components are laid out and placed side by side in a harmonious manner, based on the best color match and the overall aesthetic impact. Pre-installation images are sent to the project designer to be checked and approved. Once approval has been obtained, each individual component is numbered for guided mapping and  final assembly.

This system  gives added value to the project designer’s creative work, providing further guarantees  on the accuracy and precision of finished assembly .