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Marble Facades


Marble façade systems

Marble façades, using diverse installation methods, represent the perfect union between function and design. The impact they make aesthetically is quite unique and combined with the value of natural stone, a unique, timeless material, can prove to be just the right stylistic choice for leading architects and designers in contemporary architecture.

MarmiMar specializes in the production of marble façades for large scale architectural projects, where final aesthetic results require a high level of uniformity and the strictest cutting precision to ensure each panel or slab is accurately assembled. The company workshop facility is constantly perfecting production standards and methods, in line with the specific characteristics of materials and installation systems. Our technical department is able to handle all kinds of projects, even those requiring highly complex solutions, with flat panels, shaped panels and architectural features in relief or in one piece. Work is carried out using high speed, high precision, hi-tech machinery to match the latest, most innovative architectural applications and job orders requiring shorter lead times. To ensure proper quality control, all cladding panels and slabs are numbered and checked during the pre-installation stage.


Ventilated Façades

In addition to traditional free-standing installation, marble has been successfully applied to new ventilated façade technology, whereby a layer of thin slabs is assembled and anchored to the building by means of a separate metal structure, creating an air gap between the building and the external facing. This method exploits all the aesthetic and durable qualities of natural stone, with the added advantage of a considerable reduction in costs. Wall insulation can also be installed by simply adding an external layer that needs no additional finishing or special coating. An extra saving in costs can be made since the load-bearing structure is hidden by the external facing. Furthermore, maintenance and slab replacement will be much cheaper and easier.

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